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Who are we?

As Sivemo, we have a deep-rooted history. We have started this path in 2007, we are improving ourselves and ourselves by constantly renewing ourselves with our valued customers and following the dynamics of the sector.

We renew our product collection every year according to the developments and changes in our sector. In order to get the best results, we use the highest quality raw materials in production.

It continues to produce the products it prepares for both domestic and international markets, with the trust it has gained for many years and with the understanding of quality for generations.

Today, we continue as a company that has a say in the decoration choices of many kinds of cafes, restaurants and hotels and is preferred with its distinguished product collection.

We continue our friendly, attentive and satisfaction-oriented work with our customers. We will continue to work with all our stakeholders with the excitement, motivation and competitive spirit of the first day in order to serve all customers looking for qualified and original products in national and international markets.

Tables and chairs, which are the most frequently used furniture in our daily lives, are present in almost every living space. We aimed to create our brand by adding comfort, durability and aesthetics to the furniture we use so much every day.

Sivemo has a wide market network around the world, especially in Turkey. To be a quality, respected and leading company in its field, to provide a sincere, reliable, professional service worthy of its name to its customers by providing customer satisfaction with its designs and material quality for years in sales and after-sales processes, to continuously renew itself with innovation and openness to the future, and to improve its production quality. accepts raising day by day as a vision. It plans not only to be the best in our country, but also to be a leader in the international arena with the service conditions it offers.

Aiming to make chairs suitable for every space, Sivemo aims to make its customers experience the most beautiful moments together, to share its weight and beautiful lifestyles with many people in every space it enters.

To offer our customers a variety of products that are different from each other and appealing to all segments, to carry our goods that can adapt to all areas to the market with an advantageous price framework, to serve with easy and convenient payment methods, to combine quality and elegance, and to easily convey what is in the minds of customers. and as a result, to improve the styles of areas that appeal to many people such as their homes, workplaces, hotels, cafes and restaurants, and to reach perfectionism thanks to their eye pleasure and ease of use.

To try to be a company that directs every trend in the field of chairs, tables, armchairs, servants, in short, furniture with its designs and ease of use, and aims to serve the whole world by becoming a brand on a global scale with its production quality. Moreover;

  • Keeping customer requests and desired designs always at the forefront,
    Respecting the environment, nature and human rights,
  • Tüm kaynakların verimli kullanımı ve israfın önüne geçilmesi,-Müşterilerimiz, tedarikçilerimiz ve Sivemo Sandalye adı altında bütünlük duygusu,
  • Mutual trust, superior business ethics and professional communication in our commercial and social relations,
  • Our missions are located on the island.

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